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Rivers and Lakes

The lakes of the Piné Plateau and the Cembra Valley 

The Piné Plateau and the Cembra Valley feature the presence of many lakes where bathing and fishing is possible. The most famous are SerraiaPiazze and Buse Lakes on the Piné Plateau, Lases and SantoLakes in the Cembra Valley, and Santa Colomba Lake at Divezzano.
Lakes where you can go fishingwindsurfing, dragon boating, sailing and, why not, take a simple refreshing swim.
Surrounded by a wonderful landscape which is worth discovering by trekking, Nordic walking, or by mountain bike. The lakes with their intense colours and magical reflections wait for you, to allow you to get back into contact with nature and with the fresh air of the territory.

The Avisio River

Among the rivers and streams that flows through the territory of the Cembra Valley, Avisio is the main river. For centuries its water stream has been digging the deep gorge of the valley shaping its steep slopes, creating beaches and oases: these have become perfect fishing and unspoiled nature spots.