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Lakes Cycle

A cyclopedonian track linking the three lakes of the Plateau

A simple enjoyable path, suitable for all, along the cycle and pedestrian path that links the three lakes on the Altopiano. Starting from Lake Serraia in Baselga, the path takes you to Lake Piazze with a pleasant cycle along the western bank of the lake, at the foot of Mount Costalta, passing close to the cane groves in the Paludi di Sternigo nature reserve and the Dallapiccola stables. After Lake Piazze, you continue along secondary roads to Centrale di Bedollo, where the cycle and pedestrian path begins that takes you to Lake Buse in Brusago. The return journey follows the same route, and the little road on the left, just before you come to Paludi di Sternigo, will take you around the eastern bank of Lake Serraia and back to your starting point.