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Laghestel Biotope

An old lake with a residual water mirror

The “Laghestel” is a natural reserve founded by the Municipality of Baselga di Piné.
It is defined as a “peat-bog basin”, since it is in fact an ancient lake which has almost completely become a peat bog in which, however, there is still a residual lake of a fair size, surrounded by an extensive reed bed.
The peat bog is "U" shaped, open to the south, and at the end of the western most branch there is a small lake after which the whole area is named. 

The visitors’ path
Entry to the visitor’s path of the biotope is on the secondary road which leads from Baselga di Piné to Montagnaga, near the town of Ferrari. The route is circular, winding through the territory of the biotope and finally leading, at the end of the visit, back to the main entrance. The whole route takes about two and a half hours, without hurrying and with a few short stops to observe, take photographs, write notes and rest. The path presents no technical difficulties and is over a practically flat terrain. Clothing should be comfortable, above all with suitable footwear. Along the path there are 12 points of particular interest, where boards with a short descriptive phrase have been positioned.