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Beekeeping and Herb Garden

Detoxing experience with immersion in the Bio-Hive

Relax and heighten your senses, for a moment of well-being and relaxation at the Bio BEEWELLNESS CONTADINO.
Lie down on a bed of Alpine hay and begin a multisensory journey in the world of bees, enjoying the benefits of their products in complete safety.
You will be immersed in the scents of the hive (honey, wax, and propolis give off unique aromas, rich in essential oils and balsamic resins). You will savour the delicacy of mountain herbs and the sweetness of honey, tasting a herbal infusion. This innovative aromatherapy practise is accompanied by “apisound”: the buzzing of bees, in fact, has the same frequency as many other natural sounds, and favours relaxation, giving you a sense of serenity.
All this in a unique natural setting: the Altopiano di Piné.

Info:Gocce d’Oro - Beekeeping and Herb Gardens in Piazze, tel. 0461 556037 - mobile 334 6755690
Location: Gocce d’Oro - Beekeeping and Herb Gardens in Piazze.