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Nature explorers - Biowatching on the lakes

Observation of the flora and fauna of the lakes of the Piné Plateau

Explore like curious adventurers, discover colors, shapes and surfaces ... hear noises, songs, whistles, squeaks ... touch the diversity of nature!

The flora and fauna of the lakes of the Piné Plateau are a huge family and a basin of diversity to be revealed.
Accompanied by an expert naturalist guide you will leave for a pleasant walk and you will understand the particularity of theaquatic species and the countless plants that make up the lake landscape. To help you explore a cart full of scientific instruments including lenses, binoculars and much more ...


When: every Friday from 9.30 to 11.00 from 12 June to 18 September
Info: free with Fiemme Piné Cembra Card (FGC) - € 7 without FGC; registration within 5 pm of the previous day on visitpinecembra / book experiences or tel. 0461 557028 - Piné Cembra Tourist Office