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Delicatessen around the Serraia Lake

Around the Serraia lake there is no shortage of welcoming structures to rest and treat yourself with small moments of pleasure. Among aperitifs, pastries, hot chocolates and herbal teas, enjoyed in between a chat and a laugh, the autumn afternoons can take a really interesting turn.

For the quality of the offer and the particular position overlooking the lake, we recommend:

  • the Pastry Serraia, a pastry shop recently inaugurated and recognized for its gourmet pastries
  • the New Lido Risto-bar, a modern and welcoming structure perfect for all kinds of breaks from aperitifs to restaurants; we recommend booking a seat in the Lidogloo, the new restaurant space inside a brilliant transparent sphere.
  • the Agrigelateria La Cà sul Lago, an ice cream parlor renowned for the quality of the ice cream accompanied by local berries, and the convenient proximity to the beach.

and before the gourmet stop do not forget the walk around the lake of Serraia, discover the Itineray around the lakes of the Plateau

... but the places of taste are never enough, filled with delight in the pastry shops and bakeries of the historic center:

  • Bar Bianco Pastry Shop | Corso Roma, 121, 38042 Baselga di Piné TN Tel. 0461 554244 (pastries and sweets)
  • Anesi Bakery | Via C. Battisti, 63, 38042 Baselga di Piné TN Tel. 0461 557103 (pastries and sweets)
  • Zanotelli Pastry Shop | Viale 4 Novembre 38034 Cembra, TN Tel. 0461 683012 (pastries and sweets)
  • Serraia Bar Pastry shop | Viale della Serraia, 3, 38042 Baselga di Piné TN Tel. 0461 558177 (pastries and sweets)