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A pic-nic at lake Serraia

The agrigelateria on the blue-flag lake

On sunny days, lunch is so much better outdoors, on the shores of the lake, with your family and friends: all you need is a picnic blanket and basket to enjoy the peaceful beaches of the Serraia and Piazze lakes, which have both received the prestigious international “Blue Flag” acknowledgement.

At the end of your meal, for dessert, we suggest taking advantage of a special gelateria [ice cream parlour] on Lake Serraia, right on the beach in Alberon: the Agrigelateria which, as the name suggests, offers delights closely linked with the fruits of the earth, in the warmer season. In Spring, collection of the first wild berries begins – the Altopiano di Piné is famous for these. Those with the most flavour are collected in the brisk morning air, selected and taken directly to the laboratory, where they are transformed into healthy and delicious gelato, served with natural yoghurt from Trentino, or in milkshakes, aperitifs, and juicy fruit salads. Precious as decorations for homemade desserts, they also add that special touch to a chocolate fondue. From the fields to the laboratory: a way of capturing fragrances, flavours, and all the benefits of the mountain fruits, with unique organoleptic properties. And then, syrups for refreshing and thirst-quenching drinks, juices, and jams with no colourants or preservatives. A true pleasure for the palate of young and old alike.

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