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A day with the animals

Discover the variety of the animal world!
Spend a day with the animals and visit the farms and educational farms on the Piné Plateau.

An opportunity to discover something more than the life of our soft and colorful friends, learning and having fun at the same time: you will find out how cheeses, honey, wool and much more are produced


ASDC Il Sogno Cheyenne
Via del Cadrobol, 32, Miola. Tel. 392 2828151,,
Learning at the farm: in summer educational activities and creative workshops; environmental education, programs for children and adults with disabilities or social problems; recreational horseback riding; learning to communicate with animals.

NATURAalTROTTO Farm and Educational Farm
Loc. Poggio dei Pini. Tel. 349 8646041,
Educational activities and lessons to get knowing about the world of horses, ponies and other farm animals, hand workshops with carded wool and forest resources; didactic recreational courses in the vegetable garden with officinal plants cultivated by the farmer.

Le Mandre Farm
Via S. Osvaldo, 37. Tel 0461 556709,
Visit to the structure and to the stable animals (cows, sheeps and pigs); milk processing; tasting and sale of cow, sheep and goat cheeses, ricotta and yogurt.

Gocce - D'Oro Beekeeping and Officinal Herbs Garden
Via Guglielmo Marconi, 35, Piazze 38043 Bedollo - Trento; +39 0461 556037;
Educational activities and workshops on beekeeping; guided visits to the beekeeping area and the herb garden; tasting and sale of honey and bee products