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Dogs services


  • Holy Lake: beach dedicated to the south / east of the lake (60 linear meters wide); in the rest of the lake dogs are forbidden
  • Lake Lases: leash obligation, bathing allowed for dogs from 19.00 to 8.00
  • Serraia Lake: no access to beaches; dogs can pass on the pedestrian path along the lake with a leash
  • Piazze Lake: "BAU BEACH" on the shore of the Lake of the Squares, on the east side (Loc. Cercenadi), there is a well-kept beach, where our friends can freely play, swim and relax (find out more) . Dogs are forbidden on the other beaches on the lake.
  • Santa Colomba Lake: it is allowed to stay on the banks with the obligation of a leash; Bathing prohibition


  • Special Dog boarding house - Cinquila Sighel Riccardo - via del Cadrobol, 4, Baselga di Piné (TN) - cell. 347 8072843: retirement, breeding and grooming
  • SOS Animals Piné Association: Association for the defense of animals operating on the territory of the Piné Plateau, Valle Di Cembra and Alta Valsugana, President Anna Giovannini; 348 4297954 - Elisa Viliotti 328 8284054 -

In Pergine Valsugana there are two fenced areas for dogs with water:

  • in the Parco Lungo Fersina area (near the ice stadium - Costa di Vigalzano;
  • near the kennel in Pizzedi (Frazione Assizi).


  • Special Dog - Sighel Riccardo | Baselga di Piné dog company, fr. Miola, via del Cadrobol, 5, cell. 347 8072843, for grooming cell. 340 2207818, Pension, breeding and grooming


  • Dr. Rita Giovanna Palmisano  | Baselga di Piné, Br. Tressilla, Via della Villa, 4. Tel. 0461 554231, cell. 347 7107084.Opening hours: Monday and Friday 15.00 - 18.00; Tuesday 9.00 - 12.00 and 15.00 - 18.00; Wednesday 9.00 - 12.00. All other shiftwork is covered on the Levico Terme 24-hour clinic (Corso Centrale 86). Sunday and holidays available by phone on the phone only for emergencies.
  • Dr. Stefano Tamanini  | Baselga di Piné, Miola, via Prestala, 1. Open every day after telephone notification to the cell. 347 0852096. Availability 24 h on the phone for emergencies, even on weekends
  • Dr. Giuseppe Pallante  | Cembra Lisignago, Br. Cembra, Via Tonini, 3. Cell. 340 3784689. Hours: Monday and Thursday 18.00 - 19.00. Available by phone after hours for emergencies and appointments
  • Dr. Massimo Nardon  | Civezzano, via Sabbionare, 14. Cell. 329 2181865. Available 24 hours in Civezzano only for emergencies