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A discussion on darkness, experienced through the eyes of those who live in mountainous terrain.

Altavalle, 16.12.2022

Songs and readings recount the darkness of Trentino nights and souls. Portraits of folkloric characters who inhabit the darkness of Alpine tradition poetically convey the feelings induced by darkness. A sampler of monsters, saints, animals and above all men. A thread between Mario Rigoni Stern's observation of nature, Christian Arnoldi's mountain melancholies, and the colourful din of rituals in Bruno Kezich's essays. The acoustic guitar and voice rig plays with the atmospheres of country tradition and the pop melodies of contemporary independent songwriting

Performance by and with Denis Fontanari, Maria Giulia Scarcella, Iacopo Candela, Andrea Cavallaro.
Original music by Candirù
An Ariateatro - Teatro delle Garberie production


When: Friday 16 December at 21.00
Where: Molin de Portegnach - Faver di Altavalle
Cost: admission 10 €; Reservations are recommended at the (fill out the form)
Organizes: Associazione culturale Sorgente 90