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Nordic walking

A wonderful way to discover the local territory, guided by an expert guide!

Nordic walking is a healthy and suitable physical activity for everyone.

Compared to normal walking, this requires the use of specially designed sticks. This involves the use of the entire body (with greater intensity) and determines the involvement of thoracic muscle groups, dorsal, triceps, biceps, shoulders, abdominal and spinal, absent in normal walking. 

Nordic Walking is one of those outdoor disciplines that requires continuous adaptation to the seasons. Although sometimes the climatic conditions seem prohibitive, winter is a magical season to practice this outdoor sport and live wonderful experiences!
What are you waiting for? Discover the woods and paths of the Piné Plateau while walking together with our guides.

For more information on the activities and costs:

Avi Caterina, cell. 348 5408888 |
Mattivi Denny, cell. 333 6238963

Andreatta Liliana, cell. 328 7625610