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A goat for friend

The “Pezzata Mòchena” (Pletzen Goes Van Der Bersntol in “Mòcheno” language), a typical goat breed present in the Mòcheni Valley since the fourteenth century, at first only in the heart of Lagorai mountains, then widespread in many areas of Trentino, was about to become extinct a decade ago, when a group of passionate breeders decided to safeguard and enhance this breed and its dairy products. Today the Pezzata Mòchena is mainly present in the Mòcheni Valley and on the Piné Plateau, where two Breeders Associations has set up, and it is gradually spreading in the 'Alto Perginese’, in the ‘Bassa Valsugana’ and in the ‘Val di Gresta’, with a total amount of about three hundred goats throughout the Trentino region.

Goats are curious, intelligent and very greedy animals. Thanks to their agility and strength they use to get to their favorite food, they can take long and steep routes and this is exactly the reason why they are also useful for the recovery of uncultivated land, difficult to reach with mechanized vehicles.

Excellent milk is obtained from this breed, which is milked after the weaning of the kids and can be transformed into tasty fresh and seasoned cheeses, yogurt and ricotta. These are very high-quality products, characterized by the best features of goat's milk, which is increasingly used as an alternative to cow's milk, due to its high digestibility, nutritional properties and low allergenicity. Also suitable for babies, thanks to the organoleptic characteristics that make it very similar to breast milk. It is no coincidence that the products of Capra Pezzata Mòchena have been included by Slow Food in the "Arca del Gusto", the magazine that collects the most precious flavors in the world, waiting to become "Slow Food Presidium".

“Una Capra per Amica” is a proposal designed for families who want to spend a day in nature, discover the ancient farming practices, get to know the Mòchene Pezzled Goats together with the other farm animals, and taste the local goat products.

To find out more about the breeders or the related proposed activities contact our tourist offices.



For more information
Breeder association: Associazione Allevatori Capra Pezzata Mòchena
President Ezio Quaresima
Via Verdi, 1 - 38043 Bedollo (TN)
Mobile. 349 3911803

Breeder association: Associazione Capra Pezzata Mòchena
De Hirtn ont de Plètzet Goas Van Bersntol
President Adriano Moltrer
Loc. Ronch - 38050 Fierozzo | Vlarotz (TN)
Mobile. 335 6533012