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Meats and Cured meats

One of our area’s most typical products


Carne salada is a made by processing premium beef, in a brine of salt, pepper, juniper berries and other flavourings.  It is tender, tasty, easy to digest and very lean (about 1% fat). Finely sliced it is excellent as carpacio, accompanied with shavings of grana padano cheese, porcini or rocket leaves, dressed with extra virgin olive oil and lemon. Cooked quickly in a frying pan it is traditionally served with beans. When smoked and aged, carne salada is called carne fumada.

Trentino speck is one of the province’s best-known typical products. It is excellent as an antipasto, with bread as a snack or as an ingredient for pasta and rice dishes. It is made from pig haunch and processing—dry salting, smoking and ageing—takes from 4 to 6 months. Aged speck is matured for more than 6 months after smoking. 

Aromatic lardo is dry-salted with spices and mountain flavourings.