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The Moser’s Mill of Prada

The ancient mill is back into operation

On the Piné Plateau, in 2018, was set up an association of cereal farmers, made up of people with the common aim to recover the story, the traditions, the renovation of old sites and to resume the old cultivations and the old professions.

In Prada, a village near Faida, beside the cultivations of berries, stand out the camps of cereals. Near those, there is an old mill of medieval origins that after a careful restoration, thanks to the tenacity of brothers Mario and Enrico Moser, has resumed grinding flours and has become also an interesting local “museum” to be visited on the Plateau.
The Moser brothers introduce visitors to the almost millennial history of the ancient family business, that reveals the secrets of the preparation of Pinè’s flour, which is produced by the millstones built with the stones coming from the old mines of on Monte Costalta.
A little quality chain in order to value this type of flour has been launched recently. The Pinè’s flour is used by the pasta makers “La casa della pasta”, Pizzeria Comparsa, and Ambrosi bakery.

Where: Loc. Prada -Village of Faida di Piné
Info: Tel. +39 335 770 4670 (Mr. Enrico Moser) - +39 0461 557028 (Tourist office Piné Cembra).



The ancient mill of Prada, also called Kovel’s mill, has been run by Moser “Pressa” family of Faida for about three centuries. From immemorial time it belonged to the Pergine’s castle, which gave it in feudal investiture for 11 years, asking for the payment of the annual amount of two Meranesi, the coin of that period. The investiture included the mill with two aqueducts and the related consortium rights. Different lords from different Piné’s families were invested in the XVII century for the management of this feudal property: members of Prada’s family, once called Gardizzola coming from Gardizzola, afterwards Zen’s family of Montagnaga, then the De Cadrobbi’s family from Cadrobbi, finally the representatives of Moser’s family called “Pressa” from Faida. A notarial act certifies that in 1786 invested Giovanni Leonardo Moser was invested legally for the management of the mill. In 1822 the mill was moved and rebuilt in the position where is currently situated; owing to a fire and then a flood of Rio Nero that destroyed the original mill, as confirm the still visible ruins, incorporated in another building. In 1847 the Kovel’s mill, with him claims, was redeemed by Giovanni Moser Pressa, which became the official owner. Since then, the mill belongs to the same Moser’s “Pressa” family. Renovated one more time by Costante and Bernardo Moser after the second world war, continued his business until 1959.